Friday, April 5, 2013

Myth Reid

We'll always have new friends. But real friends come unexpectedly.

I got a friend who inspires me to write despite my not-so-good writing talent. He is the one and only and the almost famous Myth Reid.

I think I already asked him what his screen name really means but I just don't remember. If I would see a Julius Amora Villacorta (which happens to be his real name. LOL) in Facebook or Twitter, I wouldn't know that it is him.

I must admit! I am a fan of this little boy's big talent in literature. How he puts his thoughts into writing and how he makes his readers feel what exactly he wants them to feel are just awesome.

As what he mentioned in his entry about me, he is my close friend's cousin. And yes, when we (our barkada) visit their place, he locks himself in his room as if he's not allowed to mingle with us. He just chose not to befriends with us because... I don't know. Maybe we were too loud for him. Or 'twas his opportunity to do the things that he normally does when alone in his room. If you know what I mean.

September of 2012, we finally became teammates. And our #UbusanNgYaman friendship started. There were times that we'll go to Abreeza or Gmall with our other colleagues to make ubos of our yamans. Haha. Ang arte-arte! Nakakagalit!

Working with him was really good because he always initiates for a teambuilding. Well, just initiates. Haha. During breaks, we gather to talk about random things.. and random people. Most of the time, we talk about people we don't like. There were also times that we just let the caller wait on the line while we chat. He is a great teammate except that sitting with him did not work for us. He is an irate agent. So am I. Just imagine two agents shouting at their stupid customers at the same time.

We also had sharing moments together over a cup of coffee (Starbucks- favorite place) or over bottles of Redhorse. I shared some of my thoughts about some things. He did the same thing. He also told me a lotta stories about his life. Even those not so good stories were told. He trusted me. Because I am trustworthy. Chos.

Sometimes, when he speaks, you wouldn't think that he is just 19 years old. GOD! He is so smart. Smarter than me! (Yes na lang ko kay para mani sa iya). He got more wisdom than I do.Though there are times that he acts very childish, but he's getting over it. Or he already got over it.

He would also tell me about his crushes, about his ULTIMATE crushes and so much more! What's unforgettable about him? It's the BUDOY thing! It's unlikely to share this funny thing here and if I do, he will definitely kill me!

Julius (pronounced as jill-yes) is a very deep person. If he doesn't like you, he wouldn't waste a little shit talking to you. He could be mean at times, but he really doesn't mean it. He might be feeling bad when he's mean.

When you become fair to others, you become unfair to yourself - this is what he always reminds me when we talk about serious things. Again, he got more wisdom than I do.

He's not just a close friend's cousin to me, not just a workmate. He is a real friend in an unexpected time.

check his entry for me! :)

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  1. wohooo... 'SMARTER THAN ME'

    thanks frend sa pagdawat! ahahahah..