Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the new angle

Months ago since i ended my connection with the Youth Reload. T'wasn't easy leaving them since they became part of my life. But my relationship with God did not end. it was just not as active as before.

I continued my life until...

Until I met the SPOTLIGHTs or Special People Of The Lord In the Grace of His Throne. hmmmm... Unconsciously, I was looking for them. I was looking for people who work for God without giving the it's [members] any pressure. They give freedom.

Love, truthfulness, and happiness are the three words that best describe the said group (for me). And I praise God for the lives of the people who are about to teach me about life. I thank God for giving me people who make me feel loved by God despite all the things Im doing and not doing. I adore God for letting me meet them and encounter Him with them.

to the SPOTLIGHTs, a big THANKS to all of you for accepting me as part of your family :-)

A Friend's Letter

It’s been a while since the last time we talked

About or lives and about everything

I miss the times when together we walk

And sing the song; the song we used to sing

I miss our hilarious laughs, our rudeness

Our fee-fi-fo-fums that complete the day

I miss you, I miss our togetherness

The person who’s been with me all the way

Just want to know what you are going through

Are you in pain or living happily?

My friend, I want to hear more about you

Would you like to waste little time with me?

Let us not forget the past life we had

Let’s put back the persons we used to be

If you’ll say “no” to this then I’ll be sad

I’m reaching out, reach my hand carefully