Sunday, July 25, 2010

i miss him!

have you ever missed someone you never met? someone who forever will be part of your being yet unknown?

well, it was a long time ago then when he left. he went to a place where only souls can enter. GEEEEZ! i cant recall even a single moment that i was with him (of course, i was 2 years old that time). i just cant imagine how he would look like if he still exists at this time. blah blah blah...

i don't know why my heart breaks every time i remember that i never had him. according to my mom, and to the people close to his heart, my dad was a very nice, humble, and a generous person. HOMAYGASH! what if he's with me now? maybe he would give everything that i would want. maybe he would take me on his arms and would let my tears flow...

i can't say anything anymore.

i just miss him.

i just miss you.. PA!

if i could turn back the time, i would do everything just to keep you breathing. (T_T)


  1. uhhh. heartbreaking yet very sweet. :) as long as you LOVE him, he'll always be with you wherever you may go. :)

  2. Ayaw na ka saD BerNard... Kasabot ko sa imong gibati..Inga ana pud ko sakong kuya hahai...
    Lets Be Happy fwnd kay kavalo ko gusto mao na ilang gusto maski layo sila sa2...(o^_^o)

  3. @novie: haha... thanks!

    @gladys:lagi! apir!

  4. everytime i read this, my heart is hurting...