Friday, July 9, 2010


Red means war. Blue means wisdom. Green means safety. Yellow means happy. But these things fall under one name—color.
Today, people are so divided by principles, ethics and faith and that cause them to reject others. Some people think that they are the only “right” in this world. Moreover, those people can’t easily accept the reality that there are many truths present in this planet. I am not saying that I believe in all CLAIMED truths. I still stand firmly in my faith but the difference is that I try to respect other’s way of seeing things.
It is sad to know that we are away from the very people we are with—away through opinions, interpretations, etc. The Bible is one of the most evident in this issue. The said book has many versions. Christian churches are numerous today and I believe that it is because of the different ways people understand the Holy Scripture. The sad fact is that one church tries to poison the other through one-sided or biased thinking. These churches are claiming that they are CHRISTIANS. Ironic, isn’t it?
However, in politics, there are people who don’t want to upkeep an elected official if that official is not the one they supported during the election. Yet these people want change for their country. Why can’t they just forget the election and move on with the majority’s choice? How will CHANGE be attained if they can’t apply it in simple things—change in the state of mind?
Yes, we can never erase the fact that we can never have one mind. But we can do something for us to live in unity as the bass, tenor, alto and soprano sing in a choir. Different voices in one harmonious and melodious song. Though we are many, we could be one. Let us be united. Let us be MANYONE!

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