Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LIFE OF PI [flashback]

PS: I just want to let my emotions out. I was really moved by the movie. And sorry for any errors that you may see :)

At first, before the movie started, I thought it's all about Pi's adventure with a tiger in the ocean. Well, the movie is more than that.

Pi tells a story to a writer. He starts his story with his childhood. How he was bullied because of his real name (Piscine), how he knew Christ and Allah, how he was as a son.

He then continues with his teenage life when he first met this young lady who took his heart away and why they needed to go separate ways. Pi and his family needed to leave India because Pi's father had to bring their animals (they own a zoo) to a different country. There, the tragic started. The ship that they were using sank. Pi was able to transfer to a lifeboat. So he survived (given the fact that he was a well-trained swimmer)

He was with different animals in the lifeboat, but due to hunger, all of the animals died except for Richard Parker, the tiger.

Pi gives an emphasis on his life with the tiger. He shares the story of how they fought for territory, for food, and for shelter. This is the highlight of the movie. The effects, the scenes, the emotions. At first, Pi did not want the tiger to stay until the tiger jumped off the lifeboat to catch fishes for food, and he was not able to get back to the boat so Pi help Richard Parker to get back to his life...boat. He also tried to catch fishes for the tiger. In other words, he took care of the tiger until they finally landed in a jungle where the tiger left him. There, Pi was recovered.

He ends his story by saying that there were Japanese who went to the place where he rested after being recovered. The Japanese interviewed him of what happened. He told the Japanese a different story: a story that is realistic so that they will believe in it and will stop them from asking him couple of questions more.

Pi was not able to say goodbye to his family and to Richard Parker. He said that it hurts the most when you are not able to take a moment in saying goodbye which is really true. It's hard to move on from something that has not been closed yet. [ahw?]

In the movie, the writer waits for Pi to convince him that God exists since that's one of the reason why Pi was telling him that story. Pi did not convince him at all. He just said that he was able to share two stories. Then he asked the writer which one does he prefer. The writer said that the better story is the one with the tiger. Pi then said 'and so it goes with God'.

This line actually let me think for a moment. According to my understanding, Pi wants the writer to understand that the world has a lot of gods. And he wants the writer to live with the god that he prefers because we can't prove things like that. Like him, he can't prove to the writer that his story is true. [which gives me an idea that Pi did not experience everything that he has told. He mentioned that he lied to the Japanese by telling a different story so that they will believe in it. Same is true with the story he made for the writer-he told him that story so that the writer will believe that god exists]

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